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Michael Bartkoski

Chief Operations Officer
nbkc bank


Mike will work with you to help you understand the industry and the best steps to take as you venture forward.

Michael has a rare mix of deep technical knowledge and in-the-trenches operational experience which makes him a key cog in nbkc bank's accelerator team. With over 17 years of experience across three different banking organizations, Michael has both the breadth and depth of knowledge to help early stage fintech startups navigate the treacherous waters of the established and somewhat antiquated banking technology.

He understands both, "how things are," in the status quo and "how things should be," in a perfect world. As a result, he adds tremendous value in helping the cohort position themselves for technological success as they focus on scaling beyond nbkc bank's accelerator program.

Other than banking, Mike enjoys cheering on his kids at sporting events, making dad jokes, and running long distances (at sort of a fast pace).

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