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Eric Garretson

Chief Financial Officer
nbkc bank


Eric will be working with you on the contractual side of things, ensuring clarity, speed, and ease with all that fun bank paperwork.

Eric is nbkc bank's CFO and Fintech Strategy Leader. He is the accounting and finance expert on the accelerator team. From his previous role at Deloitte as an Audit Manager to his sixteen year tenure as CFO of nbkc bank, Eric has been exposed to every aspect of the community banking sector.  

Eric's knowledge of the sector extends to a key subject in the world of fintech; compliance. He will play a critical role in helping the cohort understand their responsibilities around compliance. Based on his extensive experience, he's the obvious choice to be the Executive in charge of the accelerator's formation.

When not working at the bank, you can find him hoping on a plane to his next exotic vacation destination.

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