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Entrepreneur in Residence at nbkc

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) role at nbkc bank is designed to solve enterprise pain points across the community banking space.

The bank has three overarching “problem statements” to focus on. Upon completion of the program, nbkc bank will likely be the new company’s first customer and first investor.

  • This is NOT a corporate innovation program. This is NOT a job.
  • This IS a program for entrepreneurs. This IS a chance to build something significant in a space starving for innovation.

During the Program, a successful EIR will:


choose a focus area


research the problem


develop an alpha solution


validate the solution


iterate and build a company

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Focus Areas

nbkc bank has developed a reputation as a top tier sandbox for innovation. A culture of creativity, collaboration, and a desire to solve problems come together to form the perfect place to build, test, and launch new products. The three areas nbkc is focused on for this program are:

Regulatory & Compliance Technology

The Savings Crisis

NLP/ OCR Mortgage Technology


Throughout the 3 month program you will have access to:

  • $5,000 monthly stipend for three months.
  • Access to data, a live testing sandbox, and leaders inside nbkc bank.
  • Access to world class office space at nbkc HQ.
  • Support and guidance from nbkc's Fountain City Fintech team.
Who are we looking for?

Our ideal candidate looks something like:

  • unique individuals who approach big problems with a "why the heck not", mentality.
  • deep industry knowledge in finance, technology, and/or regulatory compliance.
  • proven ability to build from zero to one.
  • early startup experience.
  • network necessary to raise funds and sell into the community banks.
  • proven track record of grit.
that means you!

What to Expect

April 12th
EIR Selection
April 15th
EIR Program Day 1
July 1st
Final EIR Plan Review

Applications Are Open

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